The Quantum Energy Pad is a new type of functional bedding developed and manufactured by Richway International, Inc. It is composed of environmentally friendly raw materials such as organic compound energy extracted from peach and grape seeds.

We recommend the Quantum Energy Pad for anyone who plans to sleep on their BioMat. It has a 3D mesh that functions to reduce pressure points and distribute weight more evenly for a much softer sleeping surface. It produces the comfort of memory foam without the off-gassing and other unpleasantries of memory foam. And it is more permeable to air and infrared light, compared to memory foam.

The Quantum Pad is also far superior to the snugfleece cover that is sometimes paired with the BioMat. Snugfleece covers have a soft texture, but they have no mechanism to redistribute weight or deal with pressure points, so they do not help very much for sleeping purposes.

The Quantum Pad is less important for those who plan to use the BioMat only for daytime “burst” treatments, or for those using it in a professional setting. In those cases, it is generally better to keep the body closer to the BioMat, for maximum infrared effect over a limited time. (The Quantum cover is about 1 inch thick, and may reduce the infrared transmission to a small extent). The exterior of the Quantum pad can be removed and machine washed and dried.

Five Layer Structure

  1. Microfiber Fabric Cover
  2. Microfiber Layer
  3. Quantum Energy Layer
  4. 3D Mesh Layer (20 mm)
  5. 3D Mesh Cover (3 mm)



Quantum Energy Pad - Pro Size #7010

Quantum Energy Pad - Single Size #7020

Quantum Energy Pad - Queen Size #7030

Quantum Energy Pad - King Size #7040