The amount of time you stay on the BioMat is a personal preference.  BioMat Network recommends that you start slowly and build up to more time and higher temperatures on the BioMat.  Starting slowly will help prevent excessive detoxification and potential discomfort.

Sessions on the Amethyst BioMat may vary in length from 30 minutes to overnight.  You can also induce therapeutic sweats on the BioMat from 30 minutes to an hour.  Always drink plenty of water before and after your BioMat session.  Far infrared therapy is very dehydrating, and you are burning calories the whole time you are on a BioMat. The benefits are cumulative, so the more you use the BioMat, the more benefits you will experience.  We also recommend preheating the BioMat for 15-20 minutes prior to use.

Select from multiple temperature settings to customize your BioMat experience